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Duc de Bretagne

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Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Duc de Bretagne'

Chinese Name:教友

Japanese Name



Bretagne Vanderbilt, 1941, Camellia Research, II, p.1. Abbreviation for Duc de Bretagne.

Duc de Britagne Lindo Nursery price list,1940-1941. Orthographic error for Duc de Bretagne.

Duca di Bretagna Burdin Maggiore et Cie Catalogue, 1870-1871. Orthographic variant for Duc de Bretagne.

Duca di Brettagne Fratelli Rovelli, 1852, Catalogue, p.16. Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.26. Orthographic variant for Duc de Bretagne.

Duke de Britagne Lindo Nursery Catalogue, 1948, p.4. Orthographic error for Duc de Bretagne.

Duke of Britain Puddle & Hanger. 1961, RHS., The Rhododendron and Camellia Yearbook, No.15, p.113. Synonym for Duc de Bretagne.

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» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1846-1847, 27:23: Flower dense, exceptionally well imbricated, of a most beautiful vivid rose, striped and spotted with white. Verschaffelt, 1848, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book III, pl.III: This variety was obtained from seed by M. Drouard, Nantes, France. The plant is of vigorous growth. Its leaves, 9-10 cm in length and 6-7 cm in width, are round-oval, acuminate, with smooth venation and little serration. The bloom, over 10 cm across, is a beautiful cherry red (Carmine rose HCC., 621 to 621/1), often blotched and striped with white. Orthographic variants: ‘Duke of Britain’, ‘Duca di Brettagna’, ‘Duke of Brittany’. Orthographic errors: ‘Duke de Britagne’, ‘Duc de Britagne’.

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》 p.79.

Duc de Bretagne     教友   C. japonica)  红山茶。1846,法国 NantesM. Drouard Gouillon 。 完全形、鲜红色、时常出现白斑纹、小中轮(710x34cm)。花名:Duke of Brittany(布里坦 尼公爵)。

Duc de Bretagne (教友)一新竹市茶花产销班目录,2002-2006, p.54, D52.