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Elata Cunninghamia

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1838

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Elata Cunninghamia'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Cunningham's Elata Gardeners’ Chronicle, 1841. Charles van Geert, 1848, Catalogue, No.105, p.108 Synonym for Elata Cunninghamia.

Cunninghami Elata Charles van Geert Catalogue, 1845, p.4. Orthographic error for Elata Cunninghamia.

Egret (Hearn) Griffiths & Strother, 1954, Nomenclatural Crossreference List, p.3. Synonym for Shiratama (California).

Elata Cuninghami Berlèse, 1845, Monographie, ed.3, p.164. Orthographic error for Elata Cunninghamia.

Elata Cunningham Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.28. Orthographic variant for Elata Cunninghamia.

Elata Cunninghamii Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, p. facing pl.156. Orthographic variant for Elata Cunninghamia.

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» English Description

Harrison, ed., 1838, Floricultural Cabinet, vol.6, p.149 as ‘Eleata Cunninghamia’ - dark red. Paxton, 1840, Magazine of Botany, vol.7, p.92 as ‘Elata’: It was raised by Mr Cunningham of Edinburgh, Scotland, has superior foliage, a very upright, tall-­growing habit and bright crimson flowers which are as well formed as any other sort within our knowledge. Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, vol.2, pl.156 as ‘Elata Cunninghamii’: Flower about 10 cm across, full, regular, of a rounded rosette, with the centre depressed, of a soft rose to pure carmine with reflections of rose-pink. The petals, disposed in 6-7 rows, are flat, rounded, numerous, close-set, well notched, channelled and imbricated closely, more or less from the circumference to the centre. In the midst of the flower are 2 or 3 reflexed petals here and there, without affecting the imbrication of their neighbors. Franchetti, 1855, description is - Very dou­ble, globular, petals white and red; as ‘Cunninghamii Elata’. Orthographic errors: ‘Elata Cun­inghami’, ‘Elata Cunningham’, ‘Elata Cunninghamii’, ‘Elata Cunninghammii’, ‘Elata de Cunningham’, ‘Cunningham’s Elate’. Lequay, in the Jan.1853, Revue Horticole, p.29-31 says “same as Elata de Rollis­son and Crimson Perfection; while van Houtte in his catalogues, 1846-1847, 27:23 and 1847­-1848, 31:28, equates Elata de Rollisson with Crimson Perfection. However Berlèse figures and describes the three as separate cultivars in his Iconographie, 1843 Crimson Perfection, pl.259; ‘Elata Cunninghamii’, pl.156; ‘Elata Rollissonii’, pl.168. While the plates are similar the descriptions contain enough differences to warrant retaining them as three separate and valid cultivars, pending any further evidence to the contrary.