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Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Porthpean'

Species/CombinationC.x williamsii

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Porthpean (C.x williamsii)  European Reg. No. 153.  Seedling from C.x williamsii Mary Christian’; pollen parent unknown.  Grown by Charlotte Petherick, of Porthpean, Cornwall, U.K.  Seedling first established approx. 1980, with first blooming in 1985.  Named by Martin Petherick, and introduced by porthpean House Gardens.  Named for Porthpean House, where seedling originated.  Plant shows rapid upright growth.  Buds are lanceolate, cream outside with pink tips.  The flowers are a semi-double.  Stamens are loose, with some petaloids present.  Stamens and filaments are yellow, and petaloids pink.  The large flower is a rich pink with shades of purple.  Spent flowers fall whole.  The large leaves are curved, and dark green.  The cultivar has an early flowering season, over a long blooming season, and is described as very floriferous.