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The Chinese Camellia Museum opened in Jinhua, Zhejiang of China

15 March 2021   153

Camellia is one of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers, and is the city flower of Jinhua. From 6-9 March 2003, the 16th International Camellia Congress was successfully held in Jinhua which was the first time in China. On 13 March 2021, the Chinese Camellia Museum was officially opened in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. The president of the International Camellia Society, prof. Guan Kaiyun, and the Vice Mayor of Jinhua, Ms. Zhao Qiuli, jointly unveiled the Museum.

The China Camellia Museum is a public welfare project of Jinhua City. It is located in the China Camellia Culture Park. It is the world's first museum with the theme of Camellia. It takes the promotion of Camellia culture as the concept of the museum and takes Camellia culture and related documents as important support. The main content is to show the artistic characteristics, cultural connotation, and historical process of camellia. It is an important window for collecting historical documents of camellia, showing the charm of camellia, and promoting the culture of camellia. It undertakes various missions such as scientific research, educational practice, exhibition experience, and camellia education In accordance with the principle of "convenience to citizens, saving investment, and improving utilization", the existing buildings of the Chinese Camellia Culture Park are used for renovation, divided into upper and lower floors, and the external landscape area is specially designed to be ingeniously connected with the landscape in the park. The building is composed of four areas, namely 1) the origin and evolution of camellia, 2) the development and spread of camellia, 3) the research and prospects of camellia, and 4) Chinese camellia culture. The exhibition space highlights the harmony between humanity and nature.

During the opening period of the museum, the museum received a total of more than 40 calligraphy, paintings, inscriptions, more than 100 books, and many precious photos, commemorative medals, certificates, handicrafts, etc. donated by people from the camellia circle. They were exhibited one by one on the opening day.

Mr. Yang Shouchun(杨守春), the former president of CCS , and Prof. Guan Kaiyun(管开云), the president of ICS

The openning ceremony

Visiting the museum

Planting a memorial camellia

After planting

Prof. Guan had a speech