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A. J. Downing

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1861

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'A. J. Downing'

Chinese Name:唐宁

Japanese Name



A. I. Downing  Stefano Pagliai, Firenze Catalogue, 1867, p.67. Orthographic error for A.J. Downing.

A. J. Downing  (Buist)Buist, 1868, probably the same camellia as A.J. Downing.

Downing  (C.japonica), Smith, ed., July,1856, Horticulturalist, 6:325. No decription. Proceedings of the RHS., 1861, p.480. Exhibited Mar.26th 1861 by E.G. Henderson & Sons - A handsome, rose coloured American variety. Abbreviation for A.J. Downing.

Downing Pink  Abbot’s Sunny Knoll Nursery Catalogue.1950, p.17. Synonym for ‘Downing’, abbreviation for A.J. Downing.

Dowring  Bahuaud-Litou Nursery Catalogue, 1914. Orthographic error for ‘Downing’, abbrevia­tion for A.J. Downing.


» English Description

Mead, 1861, The Horticulturalist and Journal of Rural Art. 16:464 . . . the flower is large and full, the colour is a rich glowing rose, exquisitely shaded off to a silvery rose at the edge of the petals. The foliage and habit is good. See illustration opposite p.439. A C.japonica raised in USA by N. Becar, Brooklyn. Abbreviation: ‘Downing’.


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Blooming Season United States