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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1837

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Adonidea'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Adomidea. Loureiro 1872-1973, catalogue No.9: Orthographic variant for Adonidea.

Adonida Harrison ea., 1837, The Floricultural Cabinet, vol.V, p.172. Orthographic error for Adonidea.

Adonide Vanderbilt, 1940, Camellia Research, p.1. Orthographic error for Adonidea.

Adonidoea Veitch, James Jr, 1853, Catalogue of Select Stove Plants…, p.113. Orthographic error for Adonidea.

Dorusio à bordes blancs van Houtte Catalogue, 1843-1844, 12:ss. Synonym for Adonidea.

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» English Description

Harrison ed.,1837, The Floricultural Cabinet and Floral Magazine, vol.V, p.172 as ‘Adonida’: Delicate pink, fading to white at petal edge. Van Houtte Catalogue, 1844, 18:7: Vari­able in flower form, sometimes imbricated at other times peony form but its colour is always distinguished. The pale pink petals are tinted pale yellow and lightly veined with a reddish hue. The central petals show a yellow tint. The flower is entirely edged with a band of white. (Press’s Eclipse is sometimes sold in its place). Auguste van Geert Nursery Catalogue, No. 105, 1847 as ‘Adonidea’: Paeony form white variegated with dawn pink. Verschaffelt, 1850, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book III, pl.III as ‘Adonidea’: Formal double. The exterior petals are very large, undulate, spread out, the ones following are very small, erect, numerous and form a thick, compact heart. Colour a deli­cate pink fading to white towards the petal edge. A sport of ‘Press’s Eclipse’. Orthographic errors: ‘Adomida’, ‘Adonide’, ‘Adonida’, ‘Adonidoea’. Synonyms: ‘Dorusio’, ‘Dorusia’, ‘Dorusio à bords blancs’, ‘Gallesi d’Ialie’, ‘Eclipsis (Press’s) Adonidea’, ‘Gallesii’. Van Houtte, 1846, gives ‘Duchesse Decazes’ as a synonym. For illustration see pl.III, Book III, Verschaffelt, 1850, Nou­velle Iconographie.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom