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Year Published/Registered1967

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia rusticana 'Aiaigasa'

Chinese Name:相合伞

Japanese Name:相合傘 あいあいがさ



Aiaikasa Different reading for Aiaigasa.

Aiai-gasa Different typing for Aigaigasa in JCS. 2010. Latest Illustrated Book of Japanese Camellias (Camellias of Japan). p.94


» English Description

Watanabe, 1967 Kyōto Engei Kurabu, Tsubaki, Tokushū, No.8, p.4, black & white photo: Flower, small, 6-7 cm wide, anemone to loose peony form with up to 10 outer petals and a crown of larger petals,protruding through and above the anemone centre. Leaves, elliptical, medium-sized, margins slightly twisted and turned; peti­oles short and hairy. Growth habit, vigorous and erect. Mid-season to late flowering. Origi­nated in Ojiya-shi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. For colour photos & description see, p.5 & 196, Seibundō Shinkōsha, 1979, Senchinshū, or pl.185 & p.318, Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.I, 1972. See also Yokoyama & Kirino, 1989, Nihon no Chinka, p.363. Corruptions of the Japanese name: ‘Ai Ai Gala’, ‘Ai Ai Gawa’. Different reading: ‘Aiaikasa’.

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.8. Aiaigasa 相合伞(Sharing an Umbrella)       C. rusticana   Aiaigasa 相合伞(Sharing an Umbrella) (C. rusticana)雪茶 。 1967,日本新潟县小千谷市。 半重瓣唐子〜双层形、桃红色、小轮(67x3.54.5cm)、约10枚外瓣、瓣状蕊偶有入白筋、 花期13月,中形椭圆叶、波曲、叶柄短而多毛,树性直立、矮性丛生、长势强。不同读音:Aiaikasa2002-2006,新竹市名椿园从日本引入品种。

» Japanese Description

講談社 1975年 《現代椿集》 P.318.  保育社 .1974. 《つばき》安藤芳顕著  p.217. 文化出版局. 1975. 《現代椿名鑑》. P.56  淡交社.1989. 《日本の椿花》..363. 誠文堂新光社.1998.《日本ツバキ.サザンカ名鑑》. p.10   日本ツバキ協会. 2010. 《最新日本ツバキ図鑑》. p.94. 新潟產. [花]紅色、ニ段~獅子咲き、唐子弁に白筋が入る、中輪、3~4月。[葉]格円、中形、ゆるく波曲。[樹]叢生、強い。[来歴]ユキツバキ系。小千谷市の民家の栽培稀:、石沢進採集、1967年に萩屋薫の命名.発表。写/植村、文/萩屋


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season Japan