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Alba Fenestrata

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Year Published/Registered1839

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Alba Fenestrata'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Alba Finestrata  Contini & Nava Catalogue, 1900. Orthographic error for Alba Fenestrata.

Alba Fonsetrata  Trillon, 1845, Catalogue, p.3. Orthographic error for Alba Fenestrata.

Alba Nova Plena  van Houtte Catalogue, 1844-1845, 18:7. Synonym for Alba Fenestrata.

Alba Plena Nova  Charles van Geert Catalogue, 1845. Synonym for Alba Fenestrata.

Fenestrata Alba  Berlèse, 1840, Monographie, ed.2, p.78-79. Synonym for Alba Fenestrata.

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» English Description

Jacob Makoy et Cie Catalogue, 1839, p.16. No description. van Houtte, 1839, Catalogue, 1:1. No description. Berlèse, 1840, Monographie p.78, as ‘Fenestrata Alba’: Flowers of over 10 cm in diameter, of pure, milk white and very full, petals very numerous, many broad and long, thin and spoon shaped, in 6-7 rows, displayed more or less regularly, forming a cup. Those at the centre are compact, erect and crinkled. Charles van Geert, Annotations, 1847-1850: Perfectly imbricated. Large size, flat flower, white; similar to Sulcata. A yellowish stripe at the centre of each petal, the edges of the petals are transparent. Verschaffelt, 1851, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book II, pl.V. Synonyms: ‘Alba Nova Plena’, ‘Alba Plena Nova’, ‘Fenestrata Alba’. Orthographic error: ‘Alba Finestrata’. Originated in Italy.


Flower Size10-13 cm

Blooming Season Italy