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Year Published/Registered1801

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Ama-obune'

Chinese Name:蜑小舟

Japanese Name:蜑小舟 あまおぶね

Meaning:Fisherwoman's boat


Ataburo  Sunningdale Nursery Catalogue, 1956: Foliage mottled yellow. Rose form flowers. Cor­ruption of Japanese name Ama-obune.

Atamabura  Colonel Hicks List, 1937-1938. Corruption of the Japanese name Ama-obune.

Atamburo  Sunningdale Nursery Catalogue, 1965, p.6. Corruption of Japanese name Ama-obune.

Cambridge Red  A local name given to an old camellia in Cambridge, New Zealand which has now been identified as the old Japanese variety, Ama-obune.

Kani-obune  Fendig, 1953, American Camellia Catalogue. Corruption of the Japanese name Ama-obune.

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» English Description

Itō, Ihei, (before 1801), Hyakka Tsubaki Nayose Irot­suki; (see Tuyama, 1986, Camellias of Japan, appendix p.9). Kasuya, Kamegorō, 1859, Tsubaki Iro­hanayose Irotsuki; Itō, Ko’emon, 1879, Chinkashū; Chūgai Nursery Catalogue, 1939-1940, p.18; Yokoyama, 1975, Gendai Tsubaki Meikan, p.65; Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.I, 1972, pl.164 & p.315: Medium size, vermilion red, semi-double, with large, round petals and a tight, central cluster of stamens. Flower, 10-11 cm across, flowers mid-season. Leaves, medium to large size, narrowly-elliptic, apex acuminate, keeled and twisted, coarsely serrate, vigorous, erect growth. Different readings: ‘Ama-ofune’, ‘Ama-no-obune’. Synonyms: ‘Cambridge Red’, ‘May McDonald’, Mount Albert Red’. For colour plate see: Seibundō Shinkōsha, 1980, Senchinshū, p.13. Said to be a sport or a seedling of ‘Oki-no-nami’. Corruptions of name: ‘Atamabura’, ‘Ataburo’. Originated in Kantō District, Japan. Ama-obune with Moshio, Oki-no-nami and Tsurikagari all have similar flower shapes and plant habits and leaves and are said to be related.

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.13. Ama-obune 蜑小舟(Fisherwoman's Boat) C. japonica    Ama-obune蜑小舟(Fisherwoman's Boat) (C. japonica)红山茶。半重瓣、莲花形、朱红色、筒蕊、中〜大轮(1011cm)、花期13月、树性直立、长势强。在日本"蜑小舟、沖の浪、藻汐、钓篝〃这4个品种都拥有相同的花形与植物特性、叶片也非常的相似,之间存在的 关连不明;1979年,诚文堂新光社出版的"千椿集"p.13.写道:‘蜑小舟''沖の浪'的枝变或实生的红花品种。蜑小舟一杨绍溥,1978,台湾茶花,p.75, N0.177.

» Japanese Description

談社 1975年 《現代椿集》 P.315. 保育社 .1974《つばき》安藤芳顕著 p.217.    文化出版局. 1975. 《現代椿名鑑》. P.65.    誠文堂新光社.1998.《日本ツバキ.サザンカ名鑑》.p.21. 日本ツバキ協会. 2010. 《最新日本ツバキ図鑑》. p.118. 江戸產. [花]朱紅色、八重、蓮華咲き、筒しベ、中~大輪、3~4月。[葉]長楕円、中~大形。[樹]立性、強い。[来歴]1757年の「百花椿名寄色付」に記載、沖の浪、藻汐、釣篝とは枝変り関係といわれるか不明。写/桐野、文/編集委員会


Flower Size10-11 cm

Blooming Season1-3 Month Japan