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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1839

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Americana'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



American (Dunlap's)  Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1867-1868, p.37. Synonym for Americana.

American Dunlap  van Houtte, 1845-1846, Catalogue,23:1. Synonym for Americana.

Americana (Dunlap's)  Jose Maria Serre, Establecimento de Horticultura, 1855, Catalogue, p.4. Synonym for Americana.

Americana (Dunloop's)  Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, Index with reference to pl.300. Synonym for Americana.

Americana (Dunlop's)  Burdin Maggiore & Co Catalogue, 1845, p.41. Cachet Catalogue, 1845­1846, p.5. Synonym for Americana.

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» English Description

Buist, 1839, Camellias, p.5; Dunlap, 1840, Magazine of Horticulture, 6:23: Originated by Dunlap. Leaves 8 cm x 6 cm, nearly flat, roundish oval, glossy green, slightly acuminate, delicately dentated, smooth, finely veined and a softness in texture. The bud is large, oval, with greenish calcinal scales; petals, 70 in number, full to the centre, clear white (changed in 1841 to "blush"), regularly spotted as in the guard petals of ‘Punctata Plena’. The parents were the old ‘Middlemist’ fertilized by Punctata. Schweidweiler, ed., 1843-1844, Journal d’Horticul­ture Pratique, p.67: Similar in form to Alba Plena, but pale pink streaked or spotted with carmine red. Orthographic variants: ‘Americana’(Dunlap’s)’, ‘Americano, Dunlap’, ‘Ameri­cana’ (Dunlop’s)’, ‘Americana (Dunloops)’, ‘Americana de New York’, ‘Americana Dunlap’s’, ‘Americana New York’, ‘Americana Dunlop’, ‘Americana de Dunlop’, ‘Americana (Dunlap’s). Orthographic error: ‘Americiana’. Synonyms: ‘Maid of Orleans’, ‘Apple Blossom’(Youtz), and erroneously in the USA, ‘Countess of Orkney’.


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Blooming Season United States