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Anemoniflora Striata

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1826

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Anemoniflora Striata'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Anaemoneflora Striata Trillon, Le Mans Nursery Catalogue, 1843, Orthographic error for Anemoniflora Striata.

Anemonaeflora Striata Harrison, ed., 1838, Floricultural Cabinet. Orthographic variant for Anemoniflora Striata.

Anemone Striata Tagliabue, 1840, Nomenclatore Camelliae. Synonym for Anemoniflora Striata.

Anemoneflora Striata Seidel, 1849, Pflanzen Catalog, p.5. Orthographic error for Anemoniflora Striata.

Anemoneflora Striata Superba Catalogo Plantarum Cesarii Regii Horti Modiciam, 1844. Synonym for Anemoniflora Striata.

Anemoniflora Striata Chandleri Anon, 1830, “Ueber die Cultur der Kamellien” in Der Blumen Gartner, p.50. Synonym for Anemoniflora Striata.

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» English Description

Loddiges Catalogue, 1826, p.21. No description. Colla, 1843, Camelliografia, p.83: A purple red single form of 8-9 cm in diameter, with 6 outer guard petals, ovate-oblong, rounded, emarginate. Synonyms: ‘Warata Striata’, ‘Waratah Striata Chinensis’, ‘Waratah Striata’, ‘Striata Sinensis’, ‘Anemoniflora Striata Chandleri’. Orthographic errors: ‘Anemoneflora Striata’, ‘Anemonae­flora Striata’, ‘Anaemoneflora Striata’. Originated in England.