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Angela Cocchi

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Year Published/Registered1856

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Angela Cocchi'

Chinese Name:安格拉

Japanese Name

Meaning:Personal name


Angel Cocchi  Forrest, Mary, 1985, Trees and shrubs cultivated in Ireland. Orthographic error for Angela Cocchi.

Angel Cochi  Escuela de Agricultura de Pontevedra, 1882, p.28. Orthographis error for Angela Cocchi.

Angela Carbone  Hazlewood & Jessep, 1972, Checklist - Camellia Cultivars from Nursery Catalogues, p.10. Orthographic error for Angela Cocchi.

Angela Cocche  Giardino Allegro, 1926, p.35. Orthographic error for Angela Cocchi.

Angela Cocehi  van der Vis, Boskoop, Special Camellia List, 1964-1965. Orthographic error for Angela Cocchi.

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» English Description

I Giardini, Giornale d’horicultura, 1856, vol.III, p.146, 147, published with a coloured plate and given as a seedling of Tricolor; van Houtte, 1861, Flore des Serres..., vol.XIV, p.169, with illustration F.1456: The flower has a white ground, spotted and striped, sometimes clear red, sometimes dark red. A medium size, formal double to rose form double. Mid-season blooming. Compact, upright growth, leaves ovate, 11 cm x 5.5 cm, sharply tapered base, ser­rate, undulate. Sport: Angela Cocchi Rouge. Orthographic errors: ‘Angele Cocchi’, ‘Angela Cochii’, ‘Angelo Cocchi’, ‘Angelo Cocche’, ‘Angelo Cochet’, ‘Angello Cocchi’, ‘Tricolor Angela Cocchi’, ‘Angelo Cockii’, ‘Tricolor Variegated Angelo Cocchi’, ‘Angela Cocchi Tricolor’, ‘Angela Cocchi Variegata’, ‘Angela Cochelem’, ‘Angel Cocchi’, ‘Angela Carbone’, ‘Angela Covichi’, ‘Angelo Cochi’, ‘Angelio Cocchi’, ‘Angeli Cochi’, ad nauseum.

» Chinese Description

高继银、苏玉华、胡羡聪,2007. 《国内外茶花名种识别与欣赏》,第30页。意大利Florence地区的品种,系‘三色’(Tricolor)品种的实生苗。花玉白色,花朵中部局部花瓣呈艳红色,有时出现红色带白斑或者全红、全白的花朵,玫瑰重瓣型至完全重瓣型,中型花,最外面花瓣宽圆形,略起皱褶,中部花瓣直立,高高凸起,花朵稠密。叶片浓绿色,阔椭圆形,光亮,植株开张,生长旺盛。花期中至晚。

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.14.

Angela Cocchi     库奇天使      C. japonica    Angela Cocchi 库奇天使(C. japonica)红山茶,1856,意大利 。完全形、白色底、鲜红暗红色条纹、中轮、花期12月、树性直立、浓密。花名:女子名(安琪拉寇奇)。突变种:Angela Cocchi Rouge

Angela Cocchi (库奇天使)一新竹市茶花产销班目录,2002-2006, p.48, A29.

Angela Cocchi (安格拉)一高继银,2007,国内外茶花名种识别与欣赏,p.30.


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season1-2 Month Italy