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Anna Zucchini

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Year Published/Registered1848

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Anna Zucchini'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Anna Zacchini  Burdin Maggiore & Co., Catalogue, 1856-1857. Orthographic error for Anne Zuc­chini.

Anna Zuchini  de Jonghe, 1851, Traité de la Culture du Camellia. Orthographic error for Anna Zucchini.


» English Description

Verschaffelt, 1848, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book 10, pl.1: We are indebted to Mr Burdin of Milan Italy, sole owner, till now, who writes us that it bloomed last spring and that its blossoms were either red or pink and white, or white with pink stripes; this is also found on ‘Pomponia’ and Teutonia. This Camellia has dark wood, elongated ovate, pointed leaves, regularly serrate with slightly deep notches. The blossoms, which resemble the double white Camellia (Alba Plena) as to shape, are slightly flattened. Orthographic errors: ‘Anna Zuchini’, ‘Anna Zucchani’, ‘Anna Zucchinni’, ‘Anna Zacchini’. An entirely different cultivar usurps this name in America. To distinguish this invalid variety its name has been modified to Anna Zucchini (Rubel) as it was first missnamed by Rubel.


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Blooming Season Italy