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Apoliu Shuixing

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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Apoliu Shuixing'

Chinese Name:阿婆六水星

Japanese Name



Apoliu Shuixing  Apoliu Shuixing (C. amplexicaulis × C. x williamsii hybrid 'Super Star'). Liu Xinkai et al. 2023, Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids that Bloom Year-round, Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House, p.491.

Apoliu Shuixing  China Camellia Regn No. 2019-286. Published in China Flowers & Horticulture, 2019, No.16, p.56 with a colour photo.


» English Description

China Camellia Regn No. 2019-286. Published in China Flowers & Horticulture, 2019, No.16, p.56 with a colour photo. This cultivar was bred and registered by Hou Wenqing and others in Guangdong Apoliu Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. A cross seeling between C. amplexicaulis and  x ‘Super Star’. The hybrid seedlings bloomed for the first time in 2015. Flower buds nearly globose, petiol 0.4 cm long, sepals yellow-green. The flowers are white and gradually appear light yellow toward the base of the petals, semi-double-petaled, medium-sized flowers, flower diameter 8.0~9.5 cm, flower thickness 5.0 cm, 18~23 petals, thick, 3~4 round loose, star-shaped arrangement , Petals are elongated and obovate, 5.0cm long, 2.0cm wide, both sides of the edges are inwardly rolled in, groove-shaped, apex is concave, stamen base is nearly free, filaments are light yellow, anthers are yellow. The leaves are medium green, thin leathery, broad elliptic, 12.0~13.5 cm long, 5.5~6.5 cm wide, with obvious midribs and blunt leaf margins. The plant is open, the branches are soft, slightly creeping, and growing vigorously. Flowering period from early spring to late spring.

Apoliu Shuixing (C. amplexicaulis × C. x williamsii hybrid 'Super Star'). Liu Xinkai et al. 2023, Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids that Bloom Year-round, Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House, p.491. HB-36-1., a cross seedling (BCX-No.1) of C. amplexicaulis × C. x williamsii hybrid 'Super Star'. Flowers white, fading to light yellow at the petal bases, semi-double form, medium size, 8.0-9.5cm across and 5.0cm deep with 18-23 thick petals arranged loosely in 3-4 rows as a star shape, petals narrow-long obovate, edges turned inward, stamens nearly separated at the base. Leaves normal green, thin leathery, broad elliptic, midribs obvious, margins obtusely serrate. Plant spread, branches thin and soft, slightly creeping and growth vigorous. Blooms from early-spring to late-spring. Mark: The hybrid was bred by Apoliu Camellia Valley, Conghua District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China and registered in Chinese Camellia Branch Society, Chinese Flowers Association and in ICS in 2019 respectively. The cultivar name means “Apoliu's Mercury”.

» Chinese Description

阿婆六水星 Camellia 'Apoliu Shuixing' 中国茶花登录号:2019-286。《中国花卉园艺》2019年第1656页。本品种由广东阿婆六生态农业发展有限公司侯文卿等培育并登录。通过越南抱茎茶(C.amplexicaulis) X 怒江红山茶(C. saluenensis)杂交种超星Super Star)杂交组合获得。杂交苗2015年首次开花。花蕾近球状,花柄长0.4 cm,萼片黄绿色。花朵白色,渐向花瓣基部呈淡黄色,半重瓣型,中型花,花径8.09.5 cm,花朵厚5.0 cm,花瓣1823枚,厚质,呈34轮松散、星状排列,花瓣狭长倒卵形,长5.0cm,宽2.0 cm,两侧边缘内卷,呈沟槽状,先端凹,雄蕊基部近离生,花丝淡黄色,花药黄色。叶片中等绿色,薄革质,阔椭圆形,长12.013.5 cm,宽5.56.5 cm,中脉明显,叶缘齿钝。植株开张,枝条细软,略匍匐,生长旺盛。开花期春初至春末。

阿婆六水星 Camellia Apoliu Shuixing’ 。刘信凯、钟乃盛、柯欢、武艳芳主编,2023,《第二部四季茶花杂交新品种彩色图集》,浙江科学技术出版社,第491页。 HB-36-1.杂交组合:越南抱茎茶×威廉姆斯杂交种超星,杂交苗编号:BCX-No.1。花朵白色,渐向花瓣基部呈淡黄色,半重瓣型,中型花,花径8.0-9.5cm,花朵厚5.0cm,花瓣厚质,18-23枚,呈3-4轮松散、星状排列,花瓣狭长倒卵形,边缘内卷,呈沟槽状,雄蕊基部近离生。叶片中等绿色,薄革质,阔椭圆形,长12.0-13.5cm,宽5.5-6.5cm,中脉明显,叶缘齿钝。植株开张,枝条细软,略匍匐,生长旺盛。春初至春末开花。注:本品种系2019年由广东省从化区阿婆六茶花谷培育成功,并分别在中国花卉协会茶花分会和国际山茶协会登录。


Flower Size8-9.5 cm

Blooming Season3-5 Month China