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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Apoliu Shuixing'

Chinese Name:阿婆六水星

Japanese Name



» English Description

China Camellia Regn No. 2019-286. Published in China Flowers & Horticulture, 2019, No.16, p.56 with a colour photo. This cultivar was bred and registered by Hou Wenqing and others in Guangdong Apoliu Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. A cross seeling between C. amplexicaulis and  x ‘Super Star’. The hybrid seedlings bloomed for the first time in 2015. Flower buds nearly globose, petiol 0.4 cm long, sepals yellow-green. The flowers are white and gradually appear light yellow toward the base of the petals, semi-double-petaled, medium-sized flowers, flower diameter 8.0~9.5 cm, flower thickness 5.0 cm, 18~23 petals, thick, 3~4 round loose, star-shaped arrangement , Petals are elongated and obovate, 5.0cm long, 2.0cm wide, both sides of the edges are inwardly rolled in, groove-shaped, apex is concave, stamen base is nearly free, filaments are light yellow, anthers are yellow. The leaves are medium green, thin leathery, broad elliptic, 12.0~13.5 cm long, 5.5~6.5 cm wide, with obvious midribs and blunt leaf margins. The plant is open, the branches are soft, slightly creeping, and growing vigorously. Flowering period from early spring to late spring.

» Chinese Description

阿婆六水星 Camellia 'Apoliu Shuixing' 中国茶花登录号:2019-286。《中国花卉园艺》2019年第1656页。本品种由广东阿婆六生态农业发展有限公司侯文卿等培育并登录。通过越南抱茎茶(C.amplexicaulis) X 怒江红山茶(C. saluenensis)杂交种超星Super Star)杂交组合获得。杂交苗2015年首次开花。花蕾近球状,花柄长0.4 cm,萼片黄绿色。花朵白色,渐向花瓣基部呈淡黄色,半重瓣型,中型花,花径8.09.5 cm,花朵厚5.0 cm,花瓣1823枚,厚质,呈34轮松散、星状排列,花瓣狭长倒卵形,长5.0cm,宽2.0 cm,两侧边缘内卷,呈沟槽状,先端凹,雄蕊基部近离生,花丝淡黄色,花药黄色。叶片中等绿色,薄革质,阔椭圆形,长12.013.5 cm,宽5.56.5 cm,中脉明显,叶缘齿钝。植株开张,枝条细软,略匍匐,生长旺盛。开花期春初至春末。


Flower Size8-9.5 cm

Blooming Season3-5 Month China