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Archdeacon Brown

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CountryNew Zealand

Year Published/Registered1962

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Archdeacon Brown'

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Durrant, 1962, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, vol.II, No.5, p.15, 16: "In view of the extreme rarity of the spiral form, it is little short of amazing that we also discov­ered another, this time Neyron Rose, (HCC,623), and having 5 spirals of 8 or 9 petals each....the spirals are present in all the flowers seen and occur both clockwise and anticlockwise....If Spi­ralis Rubra cannot be established as the name for this camellia it will be called Archdeacon Brown after one of New Zealand’s most worthy and famous missionaries." As it proved impossible to equate Spiralis Rubra with this cultivar it now carries the valid name of Archdeacon Brown.


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Blooming Season New Zealand