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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1825

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Aucubifolia'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Acubaefolia Anonymous, 1838, The Floricultural Cabinet, vol.6, p.12. Orthographic error for Aucubifolia.

Auckubaefolia Maupoil & Figlio Catalogue, 1842. Orthographic error for Aucubifolia.

Aucubaefolia Courtois, 1833, Magazin d’Horticulture, p.314.Orthographic error for Aucubifolia.

Aucubaefolia Vera Burdin, Chamery Nursery Catalogue, 1834, p.18. Synonym for Aucubifolia.

Aucubafolia Buist, 1845, The American Flower Garden Directory, 3rd ed., p.216. Orthographic error for Aucubifolia.

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» English Description

Annales Blumisterei, 1825, colour plate, Loddige’s Catalogue, 1826, p.21 as ‘Aucubafolia’: A British camellia with light, cerise-red flowers. Leaves 12 cm x 7 cm, acuminate, long-oval, dark green with conspicuous venation and yellow variegation similar to the Aucuba japonica; buds, oblong with greenish scales. Flower, 8 cm across, cherry red, double, of the ‘Coccinea’ type. Courtois, 1833, Magazin d’Horticulture, p.314 as ‘Aucubaefolia’: Leaves ovate­oblong, spotted white; light carmine red flowers. Orthographic errors: ‘Aucubaefolia’, ‘Aucuboefolia’, ‘Aukubaefolia’, ‘Aucubeifolia’, ‘Aucubafolia’, ‘Acubaefolia’, ‘Auckubaefolia’, ‘Aukubifolia’, ‘Aucubaefolia’, ‘Aucubaefolia Vera’. Synonym: ‘Aucuba-Leaved’.