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Year Published/Registered1587

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Bailing'

Chinese Name:白绫

Japanese Name



Pei Ling  Ichijima, 1906, Kokon Yōrankō. Reprint Yashiro, 1841.Different reading for Bailing. Synonym: ‘Moli-cha’.


» English Description

Wang, Shimao, 1587, Xue Pu Za Shu: Pure white flowers, enduring and prosperous. Tender. Yashiro, 1841, Kokon Yōrankō. A Chinese cultivar. Different reading ‘Pe Ling’. 

Bailing.(Camellia japonica)  Synonym: None  Originate: Sichuan  Characteristics: Bred by Mr. Chen Xinrong at Shifang City. Plant vigorous, open crown. Leaves green, elliptic to rounded, flat, with apex apiculate, base broad obtuse to rounded, measuring 7.5 cm to 8.0 cm across by 4.5cm to 5.0 cm wide, serrate deep and sparse. Calyxes are green. Flowers brilliant white, outer petals, 15 segments, and short inner petals 10-15, mixed with stamens. Petals, thin texture, translucency, crinkled and undulated, imbricated irregularly. Most of stamens normal, semi-double, diameter 8cm to 10 cm wide, medium floral abundance. Blooming February to March. Key points of identification: Flowers are brilliant white, semi-double form, Petals are thin and translucent, crinkled.

» Chinese Description

周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.10。树势强健,树冠开张,生长旺盛;叶绿色,椭圆形近圆形,叶面平展,先端渐尖,基部宽楔形或近圆形,叶长7.5cm-8cm,宽4.5cm-5cm,叶齿深较稀;花萼呈绿色,花亮白色,外层花瓣15枚,内有短瓣10枚-15枚,与雄蕊混生。花瓣质薄有半透明感,花瓣表面皱褶呈凹凸不平状,排列不规则,雄蕊多数发育完全,半重瓣型,花径8cm-10cm,花量中等,花期2月-3月。本品种是四川什邡市陈兴荣先牛选育出来的。识别特征:花亮白色,半重辧型,花瓣质薄有半透明感,花辦皱褶。原始产地:四川。


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season2-3 Month China