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Baronne Leguay

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1873

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Baronne Leguay'

Chinese Name:巴诺里基

Japanese Name



Baron Leguay  Hillier, 1938, Supplementary List, p.8. Orthographic variant for Baronne Leguay.

Baron Leon Leguay  Leroy, André, Catalogue, 1873. Synonym for Baronne Leguay.

Baronne Legay  Catalogue descriptif des Pépinières de Kerisnel, 1994, p.28. Orthographic error for Baronne Leguay.

Baronne Leguay (France)  SCCS, 1962, Camellia Nomenclature, p.18. Synonym for Baronne Leguay.

Barrone Lequay  Liss Forest Nursery Catalogue, 1985. Orthographic error for Baronne Leguay.

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» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1873-1874, 150:391. as ‘Baronne Leguay’(Cachet). No description. van Houtte Catalogue, 1877-1878, 174:247: Flower has a white background, streaked deep red. Jules Menoreau Catalogue, 1886, p.13: White streaked dark red. Note: The correct form was imported into USA and listed by McIlhenny in 1935. Guichard Catalogue, 1894: Imbricated, rose-cerise, lighter in the centre. Originated in France by Cachet. Orthographic errors: ‘Baronne Lequay’, ‘Baron Leguay’, ‘Bayonne Le Quay’, ‘Saron Lequay’. Note: Under the synonym ‘Baronne Leon Leguay’ this has become confused with Léon Leguay. (van Houtte, 1858). Synonyms: ‘Baron Léon Leguay’, ‘Baron Leon le Guay’, ‘Baronne Léon Leguay’, ‘Baronne Leguay’(France). André Leroy, 1873, Catalogue, p.135 listed as ‘Baron Leon Le Guay’: Imbricated deep red, slight fimbriation.

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.24.

Baronne Leguay  巴诺里基 C. japonica)红山茶。1873,法国,Cachet培育选出。完全玫瑰形、鲜红色、花心颜色较淡、大轮。花名:Leguay男爵夫人。

Baronne Leguay (巴诺里基)一新竹市茶花产销班目录,2002-2006, p.49, B39.


Flower Size10-13 cm

Blooming Season United States