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Bertha Ravené

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Year Published/Registered1871

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Bertha Ravené'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Berta Ravene Roda Catalogue, 1885. Orthographic variant for Bertha Ravené.

Bertha Raressi Leroy, André, 1911, Catalogue No.59: Pure white, formal double. Orthographic error for Bertha Ravené.

Bertha Ravane Giardino Allegra, 1915 Catalogue No. 54. Orthographic error for Bertha Ravené..

Bertha Ravena Gibbons, H.C., General Catalogue, 1910-1911. Orthographic error for Bertha Ravené.

Bertha Ravene Beiten Grischko e Malskaja, 1949, Spisok nassinnia ...Botanic Garden, Akad, Nauk. Ukrain, RSR, p.43. Synonym for Bertha Ravené.

Bertha Ravenna Stonehurst Estate Nursery Catalogue, 1964-1965. Orthographic error for Bertha Ravené.

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» English Description

Rovelli Catalogue, 1871-1872; Carriére, Oct. 1871, Revue Horticole, p.526: White with a tendency for delicate yellow at the centre of the flower. Easy flowering. Origi­nated by Rovelli, Italy. Orthographic errors: ‘Bertha Ravane’, ‘Bertha Ravena’, ‘Bertha Ravenne’, ‘Bertha Raveur’, ‘Bertha Raomi’, ‘Bertha Ravenna’, ‘Bertha Ravini’, Bertha Raressi’. Synonym: ‘Bertha Ravene Beiten’.