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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1841

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Binneyi'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Beneyi  Oriental Importing Co., Catalogue, 1887, p.24. Orthographic error for Binneyi.

Beneyii  Azalea and Camellia Society of America Yearbook, 1933, p.27, 29. Orthographic error for Binneyi.

Bennegi  Berlèse, 1845, Monographie, ed.3, p.246. Corrected to ‘Benney’ in errata. Orthographic error for Binneyi.

Bennegii  Verschaffelt, 1850, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VI, pl.VI. Orthographic error for Binneyi

Bennegii Ball  Vallon, Apr.1858, Review Horticole, p.187. Synonym for Binneyi.

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» English Description

C.M.Hovey, 1841, Magazine of Horticulture, 7:257.: Originated by J.B. Smith, USA. Flower, 11 cm across, full petals, slightly crenated at summit, regularly and gracefully imbricated from the centre, very numerous, Those at the circumference with a few of the adjacent ones, and also several of the rows at the centre, unicoloured a cherry red, those intermedially situated gradually assum­ing, from near the margin, a lighter tint, approaching a silvery whiteness near the calyx. Buist, 1852, The American Flower Garden Directory, 5th ed., p.209: Rosy crimson. Very perfect form; luxuriant foliage of free growth and bloom. Amongst the orthographic errors are: ‘Bennegii’, ‘Benneii’, ‘Bennegii Ball’, ‘Bennevii’, ‘Benney’, ‘Benney de Boll’, ‘Benneii’, ‘Benneyii de Boll’, ‘Benny’, ‘Benny Bool’, ‘Bennyii’, ‘Binneyii’, ‘Bennyi’, ‘Beneyi’, ‘Benneyi’, ‘Beneyii’, ‘Binney’, ‘Benny Bool’. Named for Horace Binney, first and fifth President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.


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Blooming Season United States