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Year Published/Registered1840

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Calciati'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Calciali  Wm. Prince, Linnean Gardens & Nursery Catalogue, 1860, p.5. Orthographic error for Calciati.

Calciata  Cachet Catalogue, 1840-1841, p.1. Orthographic error for Calciati.

Calciate  Camellia Society of America, 1939, p.18. Orthographic error for Calciati.

Calciati d'Italie  van Houtte Catalogue,1846-1847, 27:21. Synonym for Calciati.

Calciatti  Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, p.243. Orthographic error for Calciati.

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» English Description

Tagliabue, 1840, Nomenclatore Camelliae. No description. Berlèse, 1840, Monographie, ed.2, p.113, 228: Plant habit, vigorous, erect and tapering; leaves large, elongated, well serrate, prominent venation, of a dark green; buds oval, acuminated with yellowish scales. Flower about 8 cm across, double, cherry-red, approaching bright, becoming flesh pink; exterior petals rounded, not numerous, well set out in a cup shape; those of the centre, innumerable, even, small, erect in a spherical group similar to ‘Waratah’. From the same cross as Borghesiana. In fact Berlèse believed it to be the same as Borghesiana. Illustration: Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, pl.243. Orthographic errors: ‘Calciate’, ‘Calciatti’, ‘Calconie’, ‘Calciata’, ‘Calciali’. Synonym: ‘Calciati d’Italie’. Originated in Italy by Calciati at Piacenza.


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Blooming Season Italy