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Carlo Alberto

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Chosen by Gianmario Motta



Year Published/Registered1849

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Carlo Alberto'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Charles Albert  van Houtte, 1851, Catalogue, 44:6. Orthographic variant for Carlo Alberto.

Charlo Alberto  Joseph Baumann, 1856, Prix Courant, p.3. Orthographc error for Carlo Alberto.

Karel Albert  de Jonghe, 1851, Beknopte Handleiding tot het Kweeken von Camellias, p.125. Orthographic variant for Carlo Alberto.


» English Description

Burdin Maggiore & co., 1849-1850, Catalogue General: Beautiful red lined with white. Petals ruffled elegantly and curled. de Jonghe, 1851, Traité de la Culture du Camellia, p.99: Irregular flowers, red, bordered with white. Petals ruffled and indented. Luzzatti, 1851, Collezione di Camelie, p.9: Red lined and bordered with white; perfectly imbricated. According to Franchetti, 1855, ‘Sacco di Lainate’ is a synonym. However this is an orthographic variant for ‘Sacco Lainatensis’. (Burnier & Grilli, 1846-1847), which would give this name priority. A check of the original descriptions indicates that they are independent varieties. Originated in Italy by Burdin. Orthographic variants: ‘Charles Albert’, ‘Karl Albert,. Orthographic error: ‘Charlo Alberto’.


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Blooming Season Italy