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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1835

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Carswelliana'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Carsvelliana  Maupoil & Figlio Catalogue, 1847. Orthographic variant for Carswelliana.

Carswalliana  Rollisson & Son, 1846, Catalogue No.1, p.7. Orthographic error for Carswelliana.

Carsweliana  Arnaud Nursery Catalogue, 1839-1840. Orthographic error for Carswelliana.

Carweliana  Vallon, Apr.1858, Revue Horticole, p.187. Orthographic error for Carswelliana.

Karlwhilhelmina  Vanderbilt, 1943, Trade Available Camellia Stocks. Orthographic error for Carswelliana.

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» English Description

Anonymous, 1835, The Floricultural Cabinet and Florist’s Magazine, vol.III, p.118: Descriptions of Camellias raised in the gardens of Frederick Campbell esq, MP, Wood­hall, Lanarkshire, Scotland: No.8 C.j. var. ‘Carswelliana’. ‘Carswell’s hybrid’. A seedling from the semidouble red. (Rubra Plena) A very fine, regularly formed flower of a deep red colour, striped with white. van Houtte Catalogue, 1839, 1:2: Brilliant flower, salmon pink, formal dou­ble, a white stripe on each petal from the centre to the circumference. Illustrated in Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, vol.3, pl.241. Synonym: ‘Carswell’s hybrid’. Orthographic errors: ‘Carsvel­liana’, ‘Carsweliana’, ‘Carwelliana’, ‘Karswilliana’, ‘Karlswilhelmina’, ‘Carswalliana’. Van Houtte, in his 1846 Catalogue, gives ‘Lord Kerr’ as a synonym, and Frères Noisette Catalogue, 1857, p.34 gives ‘Lord Kerr Nouveau’ as a synonym.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom