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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1945

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Casablanca'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Anne Galli Coolidge Rare Plant Garden Catalogue, 1945-1946 as a synonym for ‘Pink Ble­ichroeder’, itself a synonym for Casablanca.

Baronne de Bleichroeder Pink Griffiths Jr., 1958, American Camellia Yearbook, p.5. Synonym for Casablanca.

Bleichroeder Pink SCCS Bulletin, Vol.11, No.2, Dec. 1949. SCCS, 1950, The Camellia. Its Culture and Nomenclature. Synonym for Casablanca.

Casa Blanca Valley Garden Supplies Catalogue, 1946-1947. Orthographic variant for Casablanca.

Huntington Pink Valley Garden Supply Catalogue, 1946-1947; SCCS, 1946, Camellias, p.14. Syn­onym for Casablanca.

Otome Pink SCCS., 1942, Classification of Camellias, p.4. This is an ambiguous name that has been erroneously applied to Otome as well as to Otome-shibori and its pink sport. Synonyms are ‘Otome Rose’, ‘Otome Rosea’, ‘Bleichroeder Pink’, ‘Pink Bleichroeder’, ‘Baronne de Ble­ichroeder Pink’, ‘Huntington Pink’, ‘Anne Galli’ and, ‘Casablanca’. Because of the confusion all these other names are rejected in favour of Casablanca.

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» English Description

Wilmot 1945, Camellia Variety Classification Report, 1945, p.7; Fruitland Nurs­ery Catalogue, 1945-1946, p.24: The self, soft rose-pink sport of Otome-shibori as ‘Hunting­ton’. Medium size. Blooms mid-season. Sports to Sweetheart and Otome Rosea Variegated. Synonyms: ‘Bleichroeder Pink’, ‘Huntington Pink’, ‘Otome Pink’, ‘Pink Bleichroeder’, ‘Otome Rosea’, ‘Anne Galli’ and, erroneously, ‘Baronne de Bleichroeder Pink’. Note: The synonym ‘Bleichroeder Pink’ is the name retained in USA.