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Chang Lin No8

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Year Published/Registered2008

Cultivar Type:For Oil

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Chang Lin No8 '

Chinese Name:长林8号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Oil Tea Camellia Superior Germplasm Resources, 2008, editor in chief by Chen Yonzhong, p.115. Bred by Chinese Academy of Forestry in 1995, passed the identification in 2003 by Jiangxi Academy of Forestry registration, and listed as national excellent cultivar, the Certification Number: Gan R-SC-CO-017-2003. Average 2.41 m high, plant vigorous, growth fast. Average fruit yield 1.39 kg/m2, average oil yield 602.85 kg/hm2. Average 46 among of fruit weighted 1000g. The average rate of oil reached 42.84% from the kernel. Average 46% seed weight in each fresh fruit, 27% seed weight in each dry fruit. Fruit olive shape, reddish green. Strong resistance to anthrax.

» Chinese Description

长林8陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 115 页。【培育单位】中国林业科学研究院,【选育年份】1995,【审定年份】2003,【良种号】R-SC-CO-017-2003由中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业中心于1995年选育出来的优良无性系。2003年通过江西省林木良种认定,证书号为:赣R-SC-CO-017-2003。平均树高2.41m,每株平均产果量3.96kg,每平方米产果量1.39kg,每千克鲜果数46个,每平方米平均产油量0.091kg,每公顷平均产油量602.85kg,比对照增产96.8%。鲜果出籽率为46%,干出籽率27%,种仁含油率42.84%。果中小,橄榄形,浅红色。