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Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Chouchou'

Chinese Name:宠物

Japanese Name

Meaning:Little darling


» English Description

Chouchou (C.japonica) European Reg. No. 155. International Camellia Journal 2021, No.53, p.25. Seedling of 1993 of unknown parentage, first blooming in 1998.  Originated by Joséphine Béréhouc, of Quimper, Brittany, France, who named the cultivar, with the endearment equivalent to “little darling”.  Introduced by Pépinières de Kervilou (Béréhouc), of Quimper. It has been regularly shown in the floral exhibitions of Breton camellia associations. The floriferous plant is of bushy, dense growth, with a medium growth rate.  Buds are oval and green.  The informal double blooms feature wavy outer petals, while at the heart, small stamens are mixed with petaloids and erect petals. The bloom is a white faintly blushed pink, of medium-sized 4 cm height and 12 cm width.  Leaves are medium-sized, light green, oval, and short acuminate.  Blooming comes in mid-season.

» Chinese Description

宠物Camellia japonica 'Chouchou')欧洲茶花登录号:155号。《国际山茶花杂志》 2021年第53期第25页。1993年获得的机遇实生苗,1998 年首次开花。该品种由来自法国布列塔尼坎佩尔的约瑟芬·贝雷胡克(Joséphine Béréhouc)命名,具有小宝贝的亲切感,由坎佩尔的克维卢苗圃引种,它常在布列塔尼山茶花协会的花卉展览中展出。植株稠密,多花,生长速度中等。 芽椭圆形,绿色。花牡丹型,外花瓣波浪状,种心的雄蕊与雄蕊瓣和直立的花瓣混合在一起。花为白里透红,中等大小,直径12厘米,高4厘,。 叶中等大小,浅绿色,卵圆形,短渐尖。开花季节中期。


Flower Size4-12 cm

Blooming Season2-5 Month France