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Christopher Petherick

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Chosen by Pat Short


CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Christopher Petherick'

Chinese Name:佩瑟里克

Japanese Name:クリストファー・ペテリック べてりっく

Meaning:a plant breeder's name


» English Description

Christopher Petherick (C.reticulata hybrid) , European Reg. No. 152. It was published in the International Camellia Journal, 2020, 52: 121. Seedling from C.reticulata hybrid ‘Royalty’; pollen parent possibly C.japonicaAkashigata’.   Grown and named by Charlotte Petherick, of Porthpean, Cornwall, U.K.  Seedling first established in 2005, with first blooming in 2010.  Named by Martin Petherick, and introduced by Porthpean House Gardens.  Named for Christopher Petherick, a plant breeder.  Plant has spreading growth habit, with a medium growth rate.  Buds are oval, and cream color with red tips.  The large flat semidouble flowers are carmine pink/coral rose, which shatter when spent; the blooms are similar to ‘Captain Rawes’ in size and shape.  Cream-colored stamens are loosely arranged, with yellow filaments.   Flowering is late season, over an average blooming period. Leaves are flat and dark green, of medium length and width.

» Chinese Description

佩瑟里克Christopher Petherick(云南山茶的杂交后代)。欧洲登录号152。首次发表于《国际山茶会志》2020年 52期第 121页。选育自皇族(Royalty)品种的实生苗,父本可能明石潟(Akashigata)。由英国康沃尔郡的Charlotte Petherick种植。实生苗于2005年培育,2010年首次开花。Martin Petherick命名,Porthpean House Gardens引种,以植物育种家克里斯托弗·佩瑟里克(Christopher Petherick)的名字命名。植株开张,生长速度中等。芽卵形,乳白色,芽尖红色。花半重瓣,大而扁,胭脂粉红色或珊瑚玫瑰色,花后脱落;花朵的大小和形状类似于品种归霞(Captain Rawes)。雄蕊松散排列,乳黄色,花丝黄色。开花较晚,花期中等。叶身平,深绿色,长度和宽度中等大小。


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Blooming Season United Kingdom