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Year Published/Registered1989

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Chuanmanao'

Chinese Name:川玛瑙

Japanese Name



» English Description

Gao & Zhuang, 1989, The Camellia in China, p.52, No.331, colour photo No.190: Medium size, 6-9 cm across, deep red with white variegation, for­mal double. Leaves deep green, broad-ovate. Blooms early to mid-season. Originated in the Sechuan Province, China.

Chuanmanao. (Camellia japonica)  Synonym: None  Originate: Chongqing  Characteristics: Bud mutant originated from variety ‘Yanzhilin’. Plant habit vigorous, with open crown and rapid growth in branching, most of shoots spreading upwards, numerously branching. Leaves elliptic, flat, dense, apex acuminate, base broad cuneate, dark green with occasional yellowish dots, margins slightly wavy, measured 6.5 cm to 8 cm across by 3 cm to 4 cm wide. Calyxes open. Petaloids by all stamens. Petals broadly elliptic, flat, mostly rounded, thinner texture, about 90 segments imbricated regularly in a couple o f rows, outer petals reflexed, dark red with white background spots, diameter 8 cm to 10 cm, flowers dense, formal double form. Florescence February to April, fully blooming in March.  Key points of identification: Leaves dark green with occasional yellow spots. Flowers dark red with white background spots.

» Chinese Description

周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.194。胭脂鱗的芽变品种。树势强健,树冠开张,成枝力强,枝姿多斜向上伸展,枝叶茂密;叶椭圆形,平展,先端急尖,基部宽楔形,叶长6.5cm-8cm,宽3cm-4cm,叶缘微波状,叶色深绿,少量叶片有黄色斑点;花萼开张,雄蕊完全退化,平瓣花多轮,90枚,花瓣近圆形平展,排列整齐,花瓣质薄,外层花瓣反卷,花深红色,花瓣具白色晕斑,花朵稠密,完全重瓣型,花径8cm-10cm,花期2月-4月,盛花期3月。识别特征:叶深绿色,叶片上偶有黄色斑点;深红色花瓣上有白色晕斑。原始产地:重庆


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season2-4 Month China