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Chunjiang Zixing

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Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia ‘Chunjiang Zixing’

Chinese Name:春江紫星

Japanese Name



» English Description

Chunjiang Zixing (C. hybrid).CCRN2022015. This cultivarwas registered by Li Jiyuan, Ma Kangrong, Fan Zhengqi, Liu Weixin, Li Xinlei,Yin Hengfu, Ge Wanchuan, Shen Jian and Yu Wenxian from the Subtropical ForestryResearch Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry. The female parent is CamelliajaponicaBlack Magic’ and the male parent is C.RubyBells’ [C. saluenensis × C. japonicaKon-wabisuke’].The leaves are elliptic, dark green, with a short tip at the tip and a broadwedge at the base. New leaves and twigs are purple-red, and the color changeperiod is as long as 1 month. The leaf length is 7.0cm9.5cm, theleaf width is 3.0cm5.5cm, the upper part of the leaf edge is heavily serrated,the lower part is finely serrated, the flowers are black and red, the petalsare waxy, with strong luster, the leaf surface folds inward, and the petioleblooms Green pigment, petal apex valgus, rose double-petal flower type, blackand red veins are obvious, petals are broad and obovate, corolla diameter11.0cm13.0cm,filaments are red, style is pink, sepals are purple, ovary is hairy, floweringperiod 2 month to March.

» Chinese Description

春江紫星Camellia ‘ChunjiangZixing’,编号CCRN2022015. 本品种由中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业研究所的李纪元、马康荣、范正琪、刘伟鑫、李辛雷、殷恒福、葛万川、沈剑和俞文仙登录。母本为黑魔法(Camelliajaponica ‘Black Magic’ ),父本为黑骑士 C. ‘Ruby Bells’ [C.saluenensis × C.japonica ‘Fuyajô (Kon-wabisuke)]叶片椭圆形,浓绿色,叶先端短尾尖,叶基宽楔形。 新叶及嫩枝紫红色,转色期长达1个月。叶长7.0cm9.5cm,叶宽3.0cm5.5cm,叶缘上半部重齿锯,下半部细锯齿,花黑红色,花瓣蜡质感,光泽强,叶面内折,叶柄着花青素,花瓣先端外翻,玫瑰重瓣花型,瓣脉黑红色明显,花瓣阔倒卵形,花冠直径11.0cm13.0cm,花丝红色,花柱粉红色,萼片紫红色,子房被茸毛,花期2月~3月。


Flower Size11-13 cm

Blooming Season2-3 Month China