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Chosen by Gianmario Motta


CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1836

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Claritas'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Alba Elegans  van Houtte, 1839-1840, Catalogue,1:1. Synonym for Claritas.

Alba Elegant  Cachet Catalogue, 1840-1841, p.2, Synonym for Claritas.

Alba Nova  Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, vol.2, pl.155. Synonym for Claritas.

Alba Novissima  Auguste van Geert Catalogue, 1848, p.14. Orthographic variant for ‘Alba Nova’, synonym for Claritas.

Claretas  Warrens Descriptive Catalogue,1844, p.37. Orthographic error for Claritas.

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» English Description

Anonymous, 1836, L’Horticulteur Belge Journal..., 1836, vol.3, p.94: Amongst the camellias that received a “Mentionuées honorablement” was camellia Claritas of M. Moens. Berlèse, 1840, Monographie, ed.2, p.76, 98, 225: Leaves 4.8 cm wide by 10 cm long, lanceolate, twisted, similar to the camellia Conspicua; buds, ovate-obtuse, large, scales yellowish; flower, 8.5 cm across, double, white; exterior petals in many rows, well displayed and imbricated; those of the centre are anemone form, numerous, short and forming a broad equally centre simiar in type to Nobilissima. Illustrated in Berlèse, Iconographie, pl.155. Synonyms: ‘Alba Nova’, ‘Alba Elegans’, ‘Elegans Alba’, ‘Claritas Alba Elegans’. Orthographic errors: ‘Claridas’, ‘Claretas’,’Claristo’. Originated in Britian.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom