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Contessa Giovanna Rostan

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Year Published/Registered1855

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Contessa Giovanna Rostan'

Chinese Name

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Comtessa Rostan  Waterhouse, 1951, American Camellia Yearbook, p.85. Abbreviation for Contessa Giovanna Rostan.

Comtesse Giovanni Rostan  Jules Menoreau Nursery Catalogue, 1886, p.11. Orthographic error for Contessa Giovanna Rostan.

Comtesse Rostan  André Leroy, 1868, Catalogue, p.132. Law Somner & Co. Nursery Catalogue, 1884, p.46. Synonym for Contessa Giovanna Rostan.

Contessa Gionanni Rosteau  Jules Menoreau Catalogue, 1856, p.8. Orthographic error for Contessa Giovanna Rostan.

Contessa Rostan  Burdin Maggiore & Co. Catalogue, 1856-1857. Abbreviation for Contessa Giovanna Rostan.

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Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.22: Very large, imbricated double, more than 70 petals, red with a central, white stripe, often deeper at the circumference and paler at the centre. Verschaffelt, 1859, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book III, pl.III as ‘Giovanni Rostan’ or ‘Contessa Giovani Rostan’: Mr Miellez, Lille, France, sent us 4 years ago, this camellia which he had received from Italy. Its blossoms, above average size, by reason of their regular imbrication, belong to the same floral class as the two preceding varieties, (Perfec­tions) and are of a uniform pink, composed of ample petals, rounded at the circumference, the following ones are oval, of the same colour, veined a deeper shade. The central ones, arranged in an open heart, are intersected by a longitudinal white stripe. Orthographic errors: ‘Comtesse Giovani Rostan’, ‘Comtesse Rostan’, ‘Giovanni Rostan’, ‘Countess Rostan’. ‘Comtessa Rostan’, ‘Contessa Giovanni Rosteau’. Abbreviations: ‘Giovanna Rostan’, ‘Contessa Rostan’.


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