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Coral Mae

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Year Published/Registered1994

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Coral Mae'

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Coral Mae.  (C. hybrid). Australian Regn. No. 506. Applicant and Originator: Mrs Marjorie Baker, 14 Fairlie Avenue, Macleod, Victoria, 3085. • Seed parent C. hybrid 'Prudence', pollen parent unknown. First flowered 1994. A rich pink, RHS 64C, semi-double flower of 9- 11 petals, 110 mm x 27 mm. Flowers early to late in the season on an upright, spreading plant of medium growth. Leaves olive green, glossy, flat, oval, serrations almost absent, acute apex, 70 mm x 25 mm. Petals are long, thin, notched and fluted and also curl back. Filaments in a column. Flowers shed whole. Very free flowering. Application received from A.C.R.S. Victoria Branch, 1 August, 1998. Propagation: Keith Smith's Gembrook Park Nursery, Gembrook, Victoria, 3783.


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Blooming Season Australia