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Countess of Orkney

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1847

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Countess of Orkney'

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Japanese Name



Comtesse d'Orkeney  Berlèse, 1849, Annales Société Centrale d’Horticulture de France, Vol.40, p.272. Orthographic error for Countess of Orkney.

Comtesse d'Orkney  Herincq Aug.1848, Revue Horticole, p.302-307. Orthographic variant for Countess of Orkney.

Comtesse of Orkney  Leroy, Louis, Catalogue,1911. Orthographic error for Countess of Orkney.

Contessa d'Orckeney  Medici Spada, 1858, Catalogo nel Giardino a Villa Quiete, p.5. Orthographic error for Countess of Orkney.

Countess of Orckney  Jean Verschaffelt, 1860-1861, Price List, p.11. Contini & Nava of Intra Catalogue, 1900. Orthographic error for Countess of Orkney.

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» English Description

Journal of the Horticultural Society of London, 1847, vol.2, p.37: ‘A large fine flower with a white ground striped with rosy pink’. Raised by Mr Nicholson, gardener to the Earl of Orkney and named for his Countess. It aroused great interest when exhib­ited at the show of the Horticultural Society of London. In 1848 it was figured and described in van Houtte’s Flore des Serres, vol.4, F.349 and Beck’s The Florist with a plate: The flower is circu­lar in outline, composed of large, stout petals perfectly smooth on the edge. These gradually diminish towards the centre, but, as they become smaller their form is less perfect in outline. The petals are transparent in texture, of a creamy white and are striped with two shades of bright, rosy pink, clear and well defined. Verschaffelt, 1855, Iconographie, Book VI, pl.II figured and describes what seems to be a different cultivar of formal double form, but it is possible this is artistic licence. In USA a formal double cultivar has erroneously been named ‘Countess of Orkney’. See plate facing p.37 Hume’s Camellias in America, 1946 and on p.93, Hertrich, 1954, Camellias in the Huntington Gardens, vol.I. This has been renamed in Camellia Nomenclature as Countess of Orkney (United States). Sports: Burnham Beeches, Countess of Orkney Rosea. Orthographic errors: ‘Comtesse of Orkney’, ‘Countess Orkney’, ‘Countess of Orknay’, ‘Duchesse of Orkney’, ‘Contessa d’Orckeney’, ‘Comtesse d’Orkeney’, ‘Comtesse of Orknay’, ‘Countess of Orckeny’. Orthographic variant: ‘Comtesse d’Orkney’. Synonyms: ‘Countess of Orkney’(Australia)


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