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Year Published/Registered1835

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Cummingii'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Commingii Colla 1843, Camelliografia, p.40. Orthographic error for Cumminghii.

Cumingii Berlèse, 1841, Iconographie, p. facing pl.99. Orthographic error for Cummingii.

Cumminghii Harrison, ed., 1835, Floricultural Cabinet, vol.III, p.186, under British hybrid having dark red flowers. Synonym: ‘Cumminghii Nova’. Orthographic error for Cummingii.


» English Description

Harrison, ed., 1835, Floricultural Cabinet, Vol.III as ‘Cumminghii’; Berlèse, 1841, Iconographie, vol.1, pl.99: The flower, nearly 8 cm in diameter, is a good double of light cherry-red with a few touches of colour similar to Coronata. The exterior petals are in four rows, though few in number, wide compared to their length, rounded, well imbricated, deeply notched, reflexed and forming an opened cup-shape. In the middle is a small number of petals, short, narrow and unequal forming a depressed centre similar to the flowers of Chandleri. This variety was obtained from seed in Italy by Casoretti, Chief Gardener for M. Traversi of Desio. Orthographic error: ‘Cumingii’.