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David Boschi

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Year Published/Registered1854

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'David Boschi'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



David Boschii  Taylor & Sangster Nursery Catalogue, 1887. Orthographic error for David Boschi.

David Boschy  da Silva, 1880, Forcing Varieties of Camellias in Oporto, p.7. Orthographic error for David Boschi.

David Bosschi  Auguste van Geert, 1863-1864, Catalogue, No.54, p.36. Schneider, Sept.1894, Revue Horticole, p.432. Orthographic error for David Boschi.

Davide Boschi  Catalogo della Stablimento Agrario-Botanico di Castagnola e Casabono, 1867-1868. Orthographic error for David Boschi.


» English Description

Ambroise Verschaffelt, 1854, Catalogue, p.18. No description. Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.24: Completely imbricated, admirable form, beautiful clear rose pink, paler at the centre, and with the first rows of petals streaked with white. Verschaffelt, 1960, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book XIII, pl.I: Blossoms of the largest size (at least 11 cm in diameter), of a vivid pink colour with a few dainty white stripes, very numerous petals, the exterior ones quite large, orbicular, emarginate, closely imbricated with perfect regularity. Originated in Italy by Boschi, Florence. Orthographic errors: ‘David Boschy’, ‘David Bosschi’, ‘David Boschii’, ‘Davide Boschi’, ‘Davide Boschi’.


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