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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1900

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Devonia'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Devona  Arnold-Forster, 1948, Shrubs for the Milder Counties, p.205. Orthographic error for Devo­nia.

Devonensis  W.J. Marchant’s Nursery Catalogue, 1937, p.33. Synonym for Devonia.

Devoniana  Hillier Nursery Catalogue, 1924-1925, p.36, Invalidly for Devonia.

Devoniensis  Slieve Donard Catalogue, 1942, p.5.Anonymous, 1943, Gardeners’ Chronicle, ser.3, vol.CXIII, p.14. Arnold-Forster, 1948, Shrubs for Milder Counties, p.204. An invalid synonym for Devonia.

Swan  Waterer Nursery Catalogue, 1952-1953, p.18 as ‘Swan’ (Devonienis). Synonym for Devonia.

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» English Description

Anonymous, May,1900, The Gardeners’ Chronicle, ser.3, vol.27, p.302: Single white variety that succeeds perfectly in the open in Devonshire. From Messrs R. Veitch & Son, Exeter. Also recorded in the RHS. Journal 1900-1901, when it gained an “Award of Merit”. A single white with 6-9 broadly ovate petals, 4-5 cm x 4 cm, apices rounded and notched, forming a cup-shaped flower, averaging 9 cm in diameter. Stamens are in a loose, central bunch, joined for one third of their length. Leaves glossy, dark green, broadly elliptic, 9 cm x 6 cm, acuminate and serrulate. Puddle & Hanger, 1960. RHS Yearbook No.14 p.145. Orthographic errors include: ‘Devona’, ‘Devonensis’, ‘Deviana’. It has also invalidly been called ‘Devoniana’ and ‘Devoniensis’, names with prior listing for other cultivars. The synonyms: ‘Swan’, ‘Swann’ and ‘The Swan’ that have been given it should be avoided as they have also been used as synonyms for Yobukodori. In the UK the name Devonia has also sometimes been mistakenly used for Yukimiguruma.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom