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Deyou No.4

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Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Deyou No.4'

Chinese Name:德油4号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Deyou No. 4 (C. oleifera) is a new variety authorized by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration of China in 2021, the variety right number: 20210535, originated and bred by Yuan Deyi of Central South University of Forestry and Technology.  Plant1.5~1.7m tall, crown round-headed. Leaves flat, oblong, apex acuminate, margin densely serrated, 7.6cm long and 4.1cmwide. lowFers solitary, bisexual, white, diameter 8-10cm, with 9 petals. The flowering period is from mid-to-late November to mid-to-late December; the capsule is nearly round, with a hemp brown skin, with an average fruit weight of 27.13 g, pericarp The thickness is 2.12mm, the fresh seed rate is 49.88%, the dry seed oil rate is 30.56%, and the fruit ripening period is late October.

» Chinese Description

德油42021年国家林草局授权的新品种,【品种权号】20210535,【培育人】袁德义,【品种权人】中南林业科技大学。【品种特性】树高1.5~1.7m,株形较矮壮开张,树冠圆头型,叶片平展,长椭圆形,先端渐尖或长尾尖,叶缘密生细锯齿,叶长7.6cm,叶宽4.1cm;花单生,两性花,白色,花径8~10cm,花瓣多为9枚,花期11月中下至12月中下旬;蒴果,近圆形,果皮麻褐色,平均果重为27.13 g,果皮厚2.12mm,鲜出籽率49.88%,干籽出油率30.56%,果熟期10月下旬。其特异性主要表现为树形矮壮开张,果皮麻褐色,不感炭疽病,果较大,皮薄,出籽率高,油脂品质好;培育人连续3年对其嫁接繁殖苗、高接换冠树进行观测研究,发现无性系群体内个体间的特征均表现一致,枝、叶、花、果等性状与母株相同,一致性很好;这也说明了‘德油4号’无性系的稳定性较好。


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