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Year Published/Registered1949

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Dianxue'

Chinese Name:点雪

Japanese Name



Dianshui (Water Drops), Chang, Shao Yun, 1987, Camellias from Zhejiang, p.93. Synonym for Dianxue.

Dianxi (Happy Spots), Chang, Shao Yun, 1987, Camellias from Zhejiang, p.93. Synonym for Dianxue.

Shanghai Dianxue (C.japonica), Chinese Camellia Culture, 2003, Appendix, p.567 as ‘Shanghaidianxue’; Synonym for Dianxue. Other synonyms ‘Dianshui’ and Dianxi’. Originated in Shanghai, Zheijiang Province, China.

Snowy Spots Savige, 1986, International Camellia Journal, No.18, p.108. Synonym for Dianxue.

Tien Hsueh Huang Nursery Catalogue, 1959.Different reading for Dianxue.


» English Description

Huang Nursery Catalogue, 1949: Medium sized, 6-7 cm across, red formal double with white spots and 60-70 petals in 5-6 rows. Chen, Shao Yun, 1985. Camellias from Zhejiang, p.93: Branches sturdy, winter leaf buds red. Leaves varied in shape and size, oblique, obovate to lanceolate; serrations scarse and obtuse, unsymmetrically acuminate, veins thick and prominent. Flowers red, white or pinkish maculate, petals slightly incurved, almost round, thin, notched, roundish-obtuse with minute lobes at the apex. Buds heart shaped or ovate, greenish-brown. Blooms early to mid-season. See Gao & Zhuang, 1988, The Camellia in China, p.46, colour photo No.149. Synonyms: ‘Dianxi’, ‘Dianshu’. Different reading: ‘Tien-hsueh’. Originated in China.

» Chinese Description