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Dom Carlos Fernando

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Year Published/Registered1872

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Dom Carlos Fernando'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



D. Carlos Fernando  Oliveira Catalogue, 1873. Abbreviation for Dom Carlos Fernando.

Don Carlos Fernando  van Houtte Catalogue, 1879-1880, 184:239. Orthographic variant for Dom Carlos Fernando.

Don Carlos-Ferdinando  Linden Catalogue, 1878-1879, p.9. Orthographic variant for Don Carlos Ferdinando.

Don Ferdinando  Verschaffelt Catalogue, No.50, 1844, p.19.. Orthographic error for Dom Carlos Fernando.


» English Description

Loureiro Catalogue No.9, 1872-1873: (Royal Prince). Formal dou­ble, creamy rose-pink, paler to the centre. Originated in Portugal. Abbreviation: ‘D. Carlos Fer­nando’. Orthographic variant: ‘Don Carlos Fernando’. Orthographic errors: ‘Don Ferdinando’, ‘Don Carlos Ferdinando’.

At Jornal de Horticultura Pratica, 1873, Vol.IV, p.160, Chronicle by Oliveira Junior: ”In the Illustration Horticole from February there is a beautiful colour plate of Camellia ‘D. Carlos Fernando (Principe real) which M. Ed. André describes thus: “the Camellia D. Carlos Fernando, originated from Portuguese seedling, has very large flowers, perfectly imbricated, with obtuse petals, arranged in irradiated zones of a beautiful arterial blood red, with a touch of carmine; some have a pure white blotched at the apex. This camellia bloomed for the fist time in 1864 in his (Loureiro’s) Establishment”. Translation made by Dr. Joana Andresen Guedes from Portugese to English. And also at “La Creacion. Historia Natural. Tomo VII, by Dr. Juan Montserrat Y Archs in1876, First ed.; Imp. Labielle and color lithography by M. Pujadas between p.154 and p.155 with the names Labielle and M. Pujadas.


Flower Size10-12 cm

Blooming Season2-4 Month Portugal