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Don Michel

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Year Published/Registered1844

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Don Michel'

Chinese Name

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Don Michele  Stefano Pagliai Catalogue, 1867, p.66. Orthographic variant for Don Michel.

Don Miguel  von Biedenfeld, 1856, Practische Grundlehren der Cultur von Camellien, p.38. Orthographic variant for Don Michel.

Don Miquel  van Houtte Catalogue,1851, 33:27. Orthographic variant for Don Michel.


» English Description

Verschaffelt Catalogue, No.50, 1844, p.19. No description. Verschaffelt, 1849, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VI, pl.III: Received from Italy 4 or 5 years ago, a specimen of the per­fection class. The general colour of the bloom is a bright pink, deeper at the centre; some petals are pure white, with spots and broad streaks of pink, others are pink with white streaks and some entirely pink. Orthographic variants: ‘Don Michele’, ‘Don Miguel’, ‘Don Miquel’. Syn­onym: ‘Grand-Duc Michel’. Verschaffelt, 1851, Iconographie says it is closely related to ‘Général Zucchi’ and sometimes confused with it. van Houtte Catalogue, 1851, 32:27 has ‘Général Zuc­chi’, ‘Grand-duc Michel’ and ‘Don Miquel’ all as synonyms for Varischi. From the early descriptions they are similar but, lacking proof to the contrary they are treated in the Register as different and ‘Don Michel’, synonym ‘Grand-Duc Michel’, is listed separately to Varischi, synonym ‘Général Zucchi’.


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Blooming Season Italy