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Doutor Balthazar de Mello

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Year Published/Registered1891

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Doutor Balthazar de Mello'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Balzac de Melo Durrant, 1982, The Camellia Story, p.37 and index. Orthographic error for Dr Bal­tazar de Melo.

Doctor Baltazar de Melo The Plant Finder, 1990-1991, p.88. Orthographic variant for Doutor Balthazar de Mello.

Dr Baltazar de Melo da Silva & Filhos Nursery Catalogue No.97, 1962, p.27. Orthographic error for Doutor Balthazar de Mello.

Dr Balthazar de Mello Sequeira Catalogue, 1891. Abbreviation for Doutor Balthazar de Mello.

Dr Balthazar de Milo Marwood Hill Gardens Catalogue, 1985. Orthographic error for Doutor Balthazar de Mello.


» English Description

Sequeira Catalogue, 1891 as ‘Dr Balthazar de Mello’: Rose-­form double, fimbriated, white with wide carmine stripes. A sport of Bonomiana. Originated in Portugal. Abbreviation: ‘Dr Balthazar de Mello’. Orthographic errors: ‘Dr Balthazar de Milo’, ‘Dr Baltazar de Mello’, ‘Dr Balthaza de Mello’, ‘Balzac de Mello’, ‘Dr Balthazar de Melo’. Orthographic variant: ‘Doctor Balthazar de Mello’. Sports to Dona Jane Andresson. Received 1st class certificate at Exposicao Palacio de Crystal, 1889.


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Blooming Season Portugal