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Duca di Litta

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Year Published/Registered1845

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Duca di Litta'

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Duc de Letta  da Silva, 1880, Forcing Varieties of Camellias in Oporto, p.8. Orthographic error for Duca di Litta.

Duc de Litta  Alex Verschaffelt, 1846, Catalogue, p.53. Morren, 1848, Annales de Gand, 4:290. Orthographic variant for Duca di Litta.

Duc de Litte  Veitch, James Jr, 1853, Catalogue of Select Stove Plants…, p.13. Orthographic error for Duca di Litta.

Duc de Lytta  Morren, 1848, Annales de Gand, 1:186, pl.17 as ‘Littae’ or ‘Duc de Lytta’. Ortho­graphic error for Duca di Litta.

Duc Litta  Oudin, Lisieux Nursery Catalogue, 1844, p.10. Orthographic error for Duca di Litta.

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Oudin, Lisieux Nursery Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.43: Imbricated, very full double, very dark red, blotched and streaked with white. Morren, 1845, Annales de Gand, I, p.186, pl.17: As ‘Littae’ or ‘Duc de Lytta’. (Casoretti of Disio, pres. de Milan) Introduced by Ver­schaffelt in 1844. Originated by Casoretti. Van Houtte Catalogue, 1845-1846, 23:4: Imbricated. Very double. Beautiful deep carmine red, blotched or streaked with white. Berlèse, 1849, Annales de la Société Central d’Horticulture de France, vol.40, p.227 as ‘Duc de Litta’: Flower formal double, 10 cm diameter, of a deep, velvety, orange-red carmine, marked with lines and bands of white. Petals ample, loosely displayed, some notched, others entire; those at the centre, margined or flamed with white. Synonyms: ‘Littae’, ‘Dux Littae’, ‘Zighsii’. Orthographic variants: ‘Duc de Litta’, ‘Duca Litta’, ‘Duca di Litta’. Orthographic errors: ‘Duc de Letta’, ‘Duc de Lytta’, ‘Duc de Litte’.


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