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Duoji Alan

Last Updated:2023/4/20 10:35:53 By:wangzhonglang

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Year Published/Registered2023

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia ‘Duoji Alan’

Chinese Name:多季阿兰

Japanese Name

Meaning:Multiseasonal Mark Alan


» English Description

Duoji Alan (C. azalea × C. japonica form 'Mark Alan'). Liu Xinkai et al. 2023, Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids that Bloom Year-round, Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House, p.136. HA-62-2., a cross seedling (DAL-No.7) of C. azalea × C. japonica form 'Mark Alan'. Flowers light red to red, occasionally with a few white stripes, semi-double form, large size, 10.5-12.0cm across, 18-25 petals, 6.5cm deep, petals long obovate, groove shaped, turned outward which is like its male parent 'Mark Alan', filaments light pink and with a few white stripes. Leaves dark green, leathery, elliptic, upper margins sharply and finely serrate, lower margins smooth. Plant upright and growth vigorous. Starts to bloom from late-summer, fully blooms from autumn to winter and sporadically in spring. The cultivar name means “Multiseasonal Mark Alan”.

» Chinese Description

多季阿兰 Camellia Duoji Alan’ 。刘信凯、钟乃盛、柯欢、武艳芳主编,2023,《第二部四季茶花杂交新品种彩色图集》,浙江科学技术出版社,第136页。 HA-62-2.杂交组合:杜鹃红山茶×红山茶类型阿兰,杂交苗编号:DAL-No.7花朵淡红色至红色,偶有白色条纹,半重瓣型,大型花,花径10.5-12.0cm,花瓣18-25枚,呈3轮松散、有序排列,花朵厚约6.5cm,花瓣长倒卵形,沟槽状,外翻,似其父本阿兰,花丝淡粉红色,稀疏,少数瓣化,具白条纹。叶片浓绿色,叶背面灰绿色,革质,椭圆形,长8.5-12.5m,4.0-4.5cm,上部叶缘叶齿细尖,下部叶缘光滑。植株立性,生长旺盛。夏末始花,秋、冬季盛花,春季零星开花。


Flower Size10.5-12 cm

Blooming Season1-12 Month China