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Eng. Jorge Garrido

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Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Eng. Jorge Garrido'

Chinese Name:加里多

Japanese Name

Meaning:personal name


Eng°. Jorge Garrido  Jorge Garrido, 2014. Portuguese Camellias-History & Beauty. p.156.


» English Description

Eng. Jorge Garrido (C.reticulata hybrid) European Reg. No. 157. International Camellia Journal 2021, No.53, p.26. C.reticulata seedling of unknown parentage.  First bloomed in 2013 by António Assunção, camellia specialist in Guimarães, Portugal, and named by him in honor of Eng. Garrido, a Portuguese engineer.  The cultivar is a slow-growing, dense and prostrate plant.  The elongated, red flower buds open very late in the season into imbricated formal double blooms.  The medium-sized blooms have yellow stamens and white filaments.  Leaves are dark green, glossy and acuminate, and 11 cm long and 5 cm wide on average.  The spent flowers shatter. Jorge Garrido, 2014. Portuguese Camellias-History & Beauty. p.156. 

» Chinese Description

加里多C. reticulata hybrid Eng. Jorge Garrido’)欧洲茶花登录号:157号。《国际山茶花杂志》 2021年第53期第26页。云南山茶的实生苗,父母本未知。由葡萄牙吉马良斯的山茶花专家António Assunção培育,2013年首次开花,以葡萄牙工程师加里多的名字命名。植株生长缓慢、枝叶稠密且匍匐状。叶深绿色,有光泽,先端渐尖,平均长11厘米,宽5厘米。花蕾红色、细长;花叠瓦状、完全重瓣。花中等大小,花药黄色、花丝白色。花期晚,花瓣散落式凋落。


Flower Size4-9 cm

Blooming Season3-5 Month Portugal