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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1830

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Eximia'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Chandler's Eximia  Hazlewood & Jessep, 1972, Checklist - Camellia Cultivars from Nursery Cata­logues, p.37. Synonym for Eximia.

Choice Camellia  Burnell, ed., 1837, Magazine of Botany and Gardening, vol.3, p.152. Synonym for Eximia.

Emixia  Burdin Maggiore & Co. Catalogue, 1971-1872. Orthographic error for Eximia.

Escimia  Scuolo di Agricultura Catalogue, 1882. Orthographic variant for Eximia.

Esimia  Longone Catalogue, 1846. Orthograhic error for Eximia.

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» English Description

Sweet, 1830, Hortus Britannicus, ed.2, p.74: “Fine double red”. Booth & Chandler, 1831, Illustrations and descriptions of the plants which compose..., vol.1, p.12, pl.12: (Chandler’s Choice-Flowering). The flowers are of a deep rose colour, and measure no less than 10 cm. The outer petals are large, round and spreading, a little divided or notched at their apex, and about 3.8 cm in diameter. The greatest number are roundish-concave, and laid over one another with the utmost regularity, in close but distinct rows; the petals of the centre becoming narrow, short and pointed and sometimes paler in their colour than those of the extremity. Like the ‘Double White’ (Alba Plena) the centre is considerably elevated and filled with petals. In colour and general appearance it assimilates closely to the variety Imbricata or ‘Crimson Shell-flowered’ lately introduced by the Horticultural Society, but may be at once distinguished by the greater size of the petals, which are rather darker in colour and notched - not entire as the petals of that variety. Raised from seed by Chandler, Vauxhall, England in 1819. Synonyms: ‘Chandler’s Eximia’, ‘Eximia Chandler’, ‘Eximia Coccinea’, ‘Eximia Vera’. ‘Mariotti Rubra’, ‘Chandleri’s Eximea’, ‘Eximea’ (Chandlers). Orthographic errors: ‘Exemia’, ‘Excima’, ‘Exima’, ‘Eximea’, ‘Emixia’. Note: There was a second Camellia by this name originated by Knight and possibly a third as Le Texnier, 1910 Catalogue, p.10 says: ‘Received from J.D. Parks of Canton in 1824.’


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Blooming Season United Kingdom