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Year Published/Registered1830

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Ezo-nishiki'

Chinese Name:虾夷锦

Japanese Name:蝦夷錦 えぞにしき

Meaning:Brocade of Ezo


Higo-ezo-nishiki  Andoh, 1971, Meika no Shōkai to Saibai, p.216. Synonym for the Higo Camellia Ezo-nishiki.

Quartet  McIlhenny, 1934, List of Camellia Japonica for Sale, p.1, lists 3 forms of Camellia under this name. A coloured flower painting of this name was published on p.52 by Barren, Leonard in the Mar, 1934, Country Life, in ‘The Camellia Carries On’. In 1935, McIlhenny on p.13 of List of Camellias now Growing in Camellia Garden of E.A. McIlhenny lists and describes ‘Quartet’ as ‘Semi-double, large white, blotched and lined with light red and rose-pink. Some blooms solid red. Often four colours on the same bush’.. Later one of these forms was propagated off and listed by McIlhenny in 1942 as ‘Quartette Mottled’. Its name was changed to ‘Etienne de Bore’ in his 1945-1946 catalogue. Another form was known as Cabeza De Vaca. In the meantime, in his 1937, 600 Varieties of Camellias McIlhenny adopted the orthography ‘Quartette’, a spelling that continued to be used in the USA ever since. From the viewpont of priority this orthography has no standing and ‘Quartet’ would be the valid form for what is a synonym for ‘Ezo-nishiki’ as Tricolor.

Xiayijin  Gao, Jiyin, 2007, The Identification....Outstanding Camellias, p.430; Chinese synonym for the Japan C.japonica Ezo-nishiki.

Yeso-nishiki  Cannon Scion Catalogue, 1963-1964, p.16. Corruption of Japanese name ‘Yezo-nishiki’,Different reading for Ezo-nishiki.


» English Description

Uekiya Bunsuke, 1830, Uekiya Bunsuke Hikki: Red with 6 petals. Taniguchi, 1912, Chinka Kyōkan. Higo Camellia Society List, 1956: A variegated form of the Higo Ezo. Flower pink, very irregularly there appears white variegation, 10 cm across, 10-12 petals. Stamens white. Leaf medium sized, ovate to oblong-elliptic, yellow variegation. Bears seed. Synonym: ‘Higo-ezo-nishiki’.

» Chinese Description

蝦夷錦,えぞにしき'Ezo-nishiki'C. japonica),陈丽惠2013年《山茶花谱台湾情》第185页,【花】:~淡粉色、深红縦~小條紋斑,半重瓣型、中輪、早~ 中生。【葉】長橢圓~橢圓、中型。立性。1859年「椿伊呂波名寄 色附」記載。

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》 p.91. Ezo-nishiki    虾夷锦(Brocade of Ezo) (C. japonica)  红山茶 。 1859,日本关东 。 半重瓣、白~粉白色底、深红色大小纵纹、筒蕊、中轮(89cm)、偶有纯红色花、花期13月、叶片扭曲、树性直立、长势强。同:三色(Sanse)(Tricolor)。花名:Ezo为日本北海道(Hokkaidō)的古代名称,因此花名应该是古代北海道产的一种锦缎。1829年,Dr. Siebold从日本引进'虾夷锦'到荷兰,1835年登录为'Tricolor'。虾夷锦一杨绍溥,1978,台湾茶花,p.69, No.98.

» Japanese Description

 講談社 1975年 《現代椿集》 P.342.  保育社 .1974《つばき》安藤芳顕著 p.216. 文化出版局. 1975. 《現代椿名鑑》. P.76.   淡交社.1989. 《日本の椿花》.p344.  誠文堂新光社.1998.《日本ツバキ.サザンカ名鑑》.p.41. 日本ツバキ協会. 2010. 《最新日本ツバキ図鑑》.  p.187. 江戸產. [花]白~淡桃色地に、濃紅色の縦~小絞り、八重、筒しベ、大輪、3~4月。[葉]長楕円、中形、強く波曲。[樹]立性、強い。[来歴]1859年の「椿伊呂波名寄色附」に載る、成木になると花色の変化した枝が生じやすい。写/桐野、文/編集委員会


Flower Size8-9 cm

Blooming Season1-3 Month Japan