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Year Published/Registered1980

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'Fenyu'

Chinese Name:粉玉

Japanese Name

Meaning:Pink Jade


Fen-yü  Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.23.Different reading for Fenyu.

Pink Jade  Feng et al. 1981, Yunnan Shan Chahua, p.31. Synonym for Fenyu.

Pinkish Jade  Bao, 1980, ACS., The Camellia Journal, vol.18, No.2, p.18. Synonym for Fenyu.


» English Description

Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.10: Light pink. Mid-season. Tengchong. Feng et al., 1986, Yunnan Camellias of China, p.30, colour photo and description:- Leaves oblong, flat, thin, declinate, apices acuminate, bases cuneate, 7.5-8.5 cm long, 3-3.5 cm wide. Flower pink with white, diameter 8-9 cm. Petals 10. Stamens and pistil well developed. Pistil protruding beyond stamens. Flowers early to mid-season. This cultivar was selected from an open pollinated plant of the wild form C.reticulata in Tengchong, Yunnan, China. Synonyms: ‘Pink Jade’, ‘Pinkish Jade’. Different reading: ‘Fen-yü’.

» Chinese Description

冯国楣、夏丽芳、朱象鸿,1981.《云南山茶花》,图片p.8。文字描述p.105。粉玉(Fenyu) Pinkish Jade.【叶】长椭圆形,长7.5-8.5厘米,宽3-3.5厘米,先端渐尖并下勾,基部楔形,叶平伸而薄。【花】粉红带白,直径8-9厘米。花瓣10片。雄蕊、雌蕊发育良好,雌蕊高于雄蕊。花期1月下旬至3月上 旬。本品种系从腾冲红花油茶天然杂交单株中选出。

» Japanese Description

粉玉——Fenyu Pinkish Jade PinkJade。葉——長楕円形。長さ7.5~8.5cm,幅3~3.5cm。.先端は銳先形で,外側に反転して下を向く。基部 はくさび形。葉身は薄く,平たい。鋸歯はまば らにつき,浅い。——花形はラッパ形。花色は淡紫桃色(R.H.S.C.C.56B~C)に白色を帯びる。花径は8~9cm。 花弁は10~12枚あり,2~3重の輪状に配列する。 雄ずいは多い。輪状につき,基部1/2以下は癒合。して筒状になる。雌ずいは発育が正常。結実す る。花期は1月下旬〜3月上旬。果実期は10月。参考——騰冲の雲南紅花油案林で,自然交雑の 株のなかから選び出した新品種。


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