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Fenyu Taige

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Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Fenyu Taige'

Chinese Name:粉玉台阁

Japanese Name



» English Description

Fenyu Taige (C. japonica). China Regn. #2020-308. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2020, No.12, p.56. This cultivar was bred by Fei Jianguo, Feng Shucheng, Zhang Yali and others in Shanghai Botanical Garden. In the 1990s, C. japonicaYuzhi Diewu’ as the female parent, and ‘Zaochun Dahongqiu’ as the male parent. Shrubs to small trees, half open; green buds, solitary buds. The tender branches are reddish-brown, with medium density of leaves, nearly pinnately arranged, leaves are upwardly oblique, the leaf thickness is medium, the texture is medium, the leaves are medium ovoid, the length of the leaves is 5~9 cm, the width is 2~4.5 cm, and the back of the leaves is hairless. The leaf veins appear to be medium, with medium luster, green to dark green, no spots on the leaf surface, inverted cross section, leaf margin serrated, leaf base wedge-shaped, leaf tip acuminate, petiole short, about 1 cm long. Flower buds are terminal or axillary, with 12~13 bracts and sepals, the bottom 4~5 semicircular, 0.2~0.4 cm long and 0.3~0.8 cm wide; the inner side has 8 wide oblate or broad oval, It is 1~2.5 cm long and 1.5~2.5 cm wide, arranged in tile-like pattern, yellow-green or green. Corolla diameter is medium, flower diameter is 6~10 cm, flower thickness is 3~4 cm, cassia type or single petal type, outer ring has 5~6 large petals, length 4~5.5 cm, width 3.5~5 cm, petal thickness is medium, The top of the petal is slightly concave, the edge is entire, the petals are obovate, the petals are not folded or weak, the petals are not or weak, the flowers are single color, pink (68C-D), stamens are few, part of the anthers are petalized, the stamens are connected at the base, and the stamens are ringed Type or dish type (stamen group length is about 4 cm); ovary glabrous, style stigma length 3~4 cm, stigma 3~5 lobed, split to shallow (lobes 0.3~1.5 cm), a few stigma deformities, male and female Rui nearly equal height. Single flowering, from mid-November to early January in Shanghai area, mid-flowering period.

» Chinese Description

粉玉台阁Camellia japonica ‘Fenyu Taige’ 中国登录号:2020-308,《中国花卉园艺》2020年第1256页。由张亚利命名,上海植物园的费建国、奉树成、张亚利、李湘鹏、郭卫珍 宋垚、莫健彬培育并登录。灌木至小乔木,半开张;嫩芽绿色,芽单生。嫩枝红褐色,叶稠密程度中等,近羽状排列,叶上斜,叶厚度中等,质地中,叶中等卵形,叶背茸毛无,叶脉显现程度中等,叶面光泽中,绿色至深绿色,叶面斑点无,横截面内折,叶缘细齿状,叶基楔形,叶尖渐尖,叶柄短。花芽顶生或腋生,花瓣厚度中等,花瓣顶端微凹,边缘全缘,花瓣倒卵形,花瓣褶皱无或弱,瓣脉无或弱,花单色,粉色,雄蕊少,部分花药瓣化,雄蕊基部连生,雄蕊环型或碟型;子房无毛,少量柱头畸形,雌雄蕊近等高。单次开花,上海地区 11 月中旬到次年 1 月上旬,花期中。


Flower Size

Blooming Season11-3 Month China