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Fleur Dipater

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1914

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Fleur Dipater'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



English Magnoliaeflora  Fendig, 1951, American Camellia Catalogue. Synonym for ‘Fleur de Pêche’, itself a synonym for Fleur Dipater.

Fleur de Patis  Waterer Sons & Crisp, Nursery Catalogue, 1931-1932, p.35. Orthographic error for Fleur Dipater.

Fleur de Peach  Stonehurst Estate Nursery Catalogue, 1962.Orthographic error for ‘Fleur de Pêche’, synonym for Fleur Dipater.

Fleur de Pêche  Waterer Sons & Crisp, Nursery Catalogue. 1939-1940. Orthographic variant for ‘Peach Blossom’, synonym for Fleur Dipater.

Fleur de Pecher  American Camellia Yearbook, 1949, p.233. Orthographic error for ‘Fleur de Pêche’, synonym for Fleur Dipater.

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» English Description

Bahuaud-Litou Nursery Catalogue, 1914-1920 No description; Peed’s Nursery Catalogue 1935 as ‘Peachblossom’. Medium sized, 7-9 cm across, semi-double with 15-20 obovate petals 4-5 cm x 3:3.5 cm wide, apices slightly notched, elevated, of a soft claret-­rose, 21/3, with central stamens of unequal length, intermixed with petaloids. Leaves, dark green, leathery, narrowly-ovate.9 cm x 4.5 cm; apices long-acuminate, finely serrate, tending to twist; on a compact bush, spreading with age. This is an European variety grown under various names over a period of time. Synonyms: ‘Fleur de Pêche’, ‘Fleur de Pêcher’, ‘Peachblossom’, ‘Peach Blossom’. Orthographic error: ‘Fleur de Patis’. In USA it has been confused with Mag­noliiflora and has been known as ‘English Magnoliaeflora’ and ‘Magnoliaeflora’ (England). For black and white illustration see, p.274, Hertrich, 1955, Camellias in the Huntington Gardens, vol.II as ‘Peachblossom’. For colour illustration see pl.XIII, Waterhouse, 1952, Camellia Trail as ‘Peach Blossom’.


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season United States