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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1833

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Formosa'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Angulans Vera  van Houtte, 1842, Catalogue, 9:7. Synonym for Formosa.

Formosa Ancien  Berlèse, 1845, Monographie, ed.3, p.168. Synonym for Formosa.

Formosissima  Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, ed.1, p.75: Leaves 7.5 cm long x 6 cm wide, ovate­-oblong to lanceolate, thick, prominent veins, dark green; buds obtuse with greenish scales; flowers full, 7.5 cm across, of clear rose lake, aging to cherry red; exterior petals in 3 rows, broad, crenate, reflexed; the others smaller, narrow, erect, numerous, irregular. LaterBerlèse, in his Iconographie, 1841 on p. facing pl.59, gives ‘Formosissima’ as a synonym for Formosa and on p. facing pl.20, as a sport of ‘Variegata Plena’.


» English Description

Courtois, 1833, Magazin d’Horticulture, 1[pt.D]:315. No description. Cachet, 1840-1841, Catalogue, p.2: Red. Gheldorf, Const., 1844, Catalogue of Plants and Price List, p.7: Well imbricated, double pink, fading to orange-red. Charles van Geert Catalogue, 1845, p.6: Rose form, very large and very double. rosy red. Buist, 1845, American Flower Garden Directory, p.200: Foliage, vey dark green; flower fully 10 cm across, of a dark rose colour, regular, double, petals large and erect, interior shortened, covering a few stamens. Verschaf­felt, 1858, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book IV, pl.III: Originated in England by Mr Chandler, Wandsworth Road, London. Its floral form, above medium size, recalls that of Daviesii, but larger, more labrinthine and of a deeper colouring. The petals are grouped in compact fascicles, separated from one another by large petals, giving the appearance of several blossoms in one. The colour is a vivid cherry red. Leaves, 8.5 cm x 5 cm, ovate-oblong to lanceolate, thick texture, prominent veins, dark green. Synonyms: ‘Formosa Ancien’, ‘Angularsii Vera’, ‘Anglarri’, ‘For­mosissima’. Although van Houtte gives Angulans as a synonym it is, in fact, the variegated form of Formosa. Chinese synonym: ‘Xiuomuye’.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom